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Want to see the Wagomon Glass Bridge? Let’s wait and see… There is also a great package… If you don’t see it, it’s a loss

In the middle of the blue sky and the green earth, there is a long mirror bridge, apart from the sky and the earth. At the distance of a glass, we can see the earth below as seen from the sky… Is it a just bringing people to the glass bridge in Wagoman? India’s longest cantilever glass bridge, Vagomon glass bridge is now the star of Idukki travel.

After the inauguration, there was a rush of visitors to visit the bridge that was opened. Finally, there were a lot of people many people were unable to climb the glass bridge and went back. Meanwhile, Vagamon Glass Bridge entry fee was Rs.500 in the first phase. There were people who came back as families without knowing this. Finally, due to criticism, it was reduced to 250 rupees.

The glass bridge is made of 35 tons of steel with a length of 120 feet at a cost of three crore rupees. It is at an altitude of 3600 feet.

Now, new changes have been introduced in order to control the heavy rush in this bridge, under the leadership of the Idukki District Tourism Promotion Council, changes have been introduced including recording the time in the adventure park admission ticket. Wagamon Adventure Park is located in Kolahalamedu.

For those coming to climb the glass bridge, the boarding time will be written separately on the ticket. According to this time, people will be allowed to pass near the glass bridge. This will reduce the rush near the bridge. Moreover, only 1000 people who come first on a day will be given tickets to enter the bridge. Entry to glass bridge is from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. 15 people can climb the glass bridge at a time. The time spent on the bridge is 5 minutes to 7 minutes per person.

Along with this, the ticket counter near the glass bridge at Wagamon Adventure Park has also been changed. You have to go to the place where other adventure activities take place to buy the ticket to glass bridge. The glass bridge has been prepared by Idukki District Tourism Promotion Council and Kiki Stars of Bharat Mata Ventures Pvt Ltd, Perumbavoor. Places like Mundakkayam, Koottikal, Kokkayar can be seen from the bridge.

DTPC has also introduced new packages at Wagamon Adventure Park. 999 silver package and 1499 gold package. There are three packages namely Platinum Package of Rs.1999. Visitors can choose a package of activities of interest as per their interest, time and budget. If you are going only on the glass bridge, you need to pay only 250 rupees per person.

Silver Package includes Mirror Bridge, Sky Cycle, Zipline and 360 Degree Cycle and Gold Package includes Mirror Bridge, Sky Cycle, Zipline and 360 Degree Cycle with Rocket Ejector and Freefall. Take the platinum package to enjoy all the attractions in the adventure park.

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