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Travel Experience

The Music of Nature

The atmosphere is covered with mist and snow.. Now we are at the tip of Urumbikkara. It is raining simultaneously and the intense cold is creeping inside through the sweaters. Again there appeared the mist as a white emptiness. And sometimes the wind blew to clear the atmosphere. We can see the greenery of Vagamon hills from there and also the green valley consisting of rivers, clouds, green hills etc.While sitting inside the tents which are made on the top of the hills we are able to experience the gorgeous beauty of Urumbikkara. And for now we are under the sky, in between the clouds and above the mountains.

Main Attractions

A group of people who loves art, literature, music and the deep thoughts is being emerged at Kottayam. Some youth teachers are the people who work behind it to uplift and promote the group and among them is the prominent writer Dr. K.M George. This group is named as ‘Irayath Ithiry Neram’. This is started with Shahabas Aman’s musical rain. Some of the friends from this group accompanied me on the journey to Urumbikkara. Rev. Goerge Father and Rev. Alex Father were among them. They called me too. Another group named ‘Planet Green’ based at Enthayar also joined us. From Enthayar we took a Jeep for trekking through the difficult paths filled with rocks and stones. It is an adventurous journey although we enjoyed. We can also climb the hills by foot through the rain and amazingly we will never be tired.
It will be raining in the valleys all the time and the clouds add to their beauty. There is a water source at the tip named ‘Madamma’ Pond. The historical bungalow of Murfi- the English men can also be seen. A rock that resembles the breasts is named as ‘Irumulachchikallu’ and a small Bhagavathi temple are also there. Passing this all we reached a vast valley and made the tents to enjoy the infinite beauty the place offered.

The Beauty of Rain

Our aim was never to conquer the hills adventurously instead it was to breathe fresh air, to let in the light of the Earth, to sit in the rain and snow and finally to feel the freshness. It is always stunning to see the rain in the hills. We can see the rain approaching from the distance and after the rain, the valleys will appear like shining with a light. The travelers felt like experiencing an inner music and all they have in their mind will be the literature, film, song, rain, snow etc. The Rev Father George seems like lost in a deep prayer from there. Gradually the darkness caught the sky and the hills.
We made campfires by using the tree trunks and tasted the hotness of tea and coffee. It seems like an ancient practice and else we enjoyed it a lot by sitting around the fire. The travelers shared their experiences. The words of George Father filled with deep insights shined in the darkness too. I recited the poem ‘Tibetan Naadodi’ wrote from the experience of my journey to Kailas. Standing in the greenery of forests and hills I remembered about the greenery less Earth.

The Music of the Rain

The talks continued and we had our food too. Manoj shared his experience on watching a leopard there very before. Everyone wondered that whether the shrubs behind are moving or not out of fear. The light is visible beyond the valley. Suddenly the wind blew and it started to rain. We went back to the tent and spread the quilt. Everyone slept by enjoying the music offered by nature. Then we woke up early in the morning to see the rising sun. We got overwhelmed with joy by seeing the profound views of the light, the greenery, the beauty and the calmness.

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