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The Lions of America

The rocks of Andes Mountains are the heavenly place of these dreadful creatures named Puma also known as American Lion. Their face resembles that of lions.
Dr. Jon Langley and Mark Elbroch have searched for the Puma inside the forest and over the mountains by trusting the quote ‘Search and you will find’ and the creature has appeared in front of him for many times. Mark is an American and he is doing research about Puma. Jon is a doctor from Norway and for him it is a must do thing to visit forest once in a while. He always found the time in between the busy practice. Mark is residing in South America near the habitat of Puma on the Andes Mountains or else sometimes he stays in tents inside the forest.

The Clever Pumas

The main habitats of Puma are the eastern parts of North America, Canada and Patagonia in South America.  These animals are also preserved in Ecuador, El salvador and Gayana. The Pumas are active in nights but can be seen during day times too. They are clever creatures who catch their prey by hiding beside the rocks.
The craze for Pumas aroused suddenly for Langley who was much interested in Cheetahs and leopards before. He was decided to travel to Polinesian Island in Pacific but soon he changed his plan and took a flight to Chile from Oslo. After spending one week in Patagonia, he captured many pictures in the camera. He waited for four days and on fifth day he saw three dreadful pumas in front of his tent. Being ready with the camera he was not able to click as many pictures because the mammals disappeared suddenly. Although he never regretted and the following days offered him the clear views of the animal.
Mark who is doing the research has well-trained dogs expert in finding the Pumas. He is also the student of world famous wildlife researcher George Schaller.

The Main Features

The wildlife lovers will always choose Patagonia for watching Puma. This is actually a fantastic place with beautiful landscapes including forests and the hills. Pumas are the most weighing animal after Jaguar. The Jaguar has the capability to kill the prey within a short span of time and the Pumas too are well expert in sudden capturing. The main preys are the deer of all kind and sometimes they prefer the animals like rats too.
They have the strength and ability to capture and kill those preys bigger than them. They wait under the hot sun for hours and even in the rocks for a single prey. The wildlife scientists report says that the Puma has been residing at Patagonia for more than ten thousand years.

The Patagonia

The Patagonia has got many distinct features. The Pumas are well protected and preserved there. They never depend on the grasslands because the Jaguars, the wolves and the bears occupy there. The scientists say that these prominent creatures even used to disturb the Pumas. They never migrated to the hot hills of Patagonia.The Pumas are mostly seen in the National Park of Patagonia named Torres del Paine.
For several years the hunters killed many of these Pumas and by now only they are set free for living. According to the wildlife protection rules the hunting has been prohibited in America and South America.
The researches of Mark will long for months or years. He took in charge of the duty after completing all the procedures required. He also nurtured many Puma cubs but they never became friendly with the humans. After the studies he set them free into the forests.
Jon, after getting an unexpected opportunity to capture few pictures of Pumas in the camera, is again getting ready for another journey to Patagonia.

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