The Konkani Culture

You can see the views of Kannada culture from the time you reach Kanhangad. It may take time to learn that Kannada heard is not the same as in the Kannada culture.It’s like we’re getting fooled by the mimicry artist’s Konkani language.Gokuldas Kamat, who introduced to us from Kunjangattu talked in Malayalam. Gokuldas Kamat said the name of B.Vasantha Shenoy, when asked about the history of Konkani. Still in the houses they used to speak in Konkani although the people of new generation very well knew Malayalam.Vasantha Shenoy lives in an old house near Pullur Bridge. He was the managing trustee of the famous temple of L.V. He has written many articles based on Konkani culture.

The History

Asking about the Konkanis he told an old story. There was a river flowing through the northern parts of India. And this society was residing there. But soon there occurred the drought and thus they have to migrate.the people engaged in teaching been called as Saraswatha Brahmin. Parashurama invited them to Goa. . They later became known as the Gowda Saraswat Brahmins. Upon arriving at the new settlement, these people had to do other external work. As the population grew, these people began to shift to the rest of the country.During the Portuguese occupation there was either a change of religion or desolation. They chose the second one.
Thus they left Goa and migrated to Kasaragod, Kanhangad and Mattanchery, later they became part of the Kerala society. This is the story of the Konkanis as we call in Malayalam as “Konkanis”. And this is the story of their predecessors that they themselves used to tell. They are people who live in between Malayalis and try to keep their own ways and beliefs. Konkini’s names are attached to Shenoy, Bhat and Kammath etc. All this is represents their jobs.Pai is the name used as a respect indicator before the names. Shenoys are accountants. Bhatt the worshipers, Naiks are soldiers, Prabhu the aristocrats, Kammath are the merchant traders, and Bhandari are the treasurer. Do not assume that everyone with these names does this job now. Engineers, doctors, politicians and teachers are among them.

Lakshmi Venkateswara Temple

The L.V Temple is the spiritual center of the Konkini tribe at Kanjangatt. There are a lot of devotees in this temple at Hosdurg. The temple is sacred. Devotees will pray for seven days in succession. Bring the lamp to the seventh day. Bhajan groups from Mattancherry and Mangalore will arrive here. The Bhajan is celebrated here for 101 years.
The temple has a big banyan tree.The walk down road that leads to the new road are constructed without cutting the Banyan tree. There are no restrictions to take the photo of the image .On the entrance of the wall; two large photographs on both sides were first sighted. Those were the photos of late Swami Sudheendra and Kashi scholar Swami Samyameendra Theertha. The spring mud and auditorium is also located here