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The holy Mosque of Malik Ibn Dinar

Malik Ibn Dinar Masjid at Kasargode is a popular pilgrimage center in North Malabar. This is one of the signs of the year in which Islam has been in existence in Kerala and is 1400 years old .Questions that matter over the years are sculptural .So many believers every day visit the holy mosque. There are foreigners and residents from North India .Many people from various places comes here seeking the holy blessing .This is the favorite destination for them .The Masjid is situated on the Chandragiri River at Thalankara, about a kilometer away from the Kasaragod railway station and is a valuable experience for devotees and tourists.

The Construction

Malik ibn Dinar and his group sailed from Arabia and built ten mosques at various places in Kerala and South Karnataka. It is also considered to be the first Muslim mosque in India. Kodungaloor Cheraman Masjid is the first mosque built by him.This is the eighth masjid at Kasargode. The rulers were very good hearted and kind people and the team were sweetly welcomed by those kings. They got the permission and support of them for preaching and for construction of the mosque .Many people embraced Islam in their self – conscious way of life.
Malik Ibn Dinar and his team played a vital role in spreading Islam in Kerala. They also built a mosque in Kollam, Kasaragod, Kollam, Chaliyam, Pandalayani, Dharmadam, Sreekandapuram, Mangaluru, Ezhimala and Barcur (Southern Karnataka).It is not clear that Malik Ibn Dinar and his team came to Kerala during the time of the Prophet, or that they came here for the long time. A strong opinion about the construction of the Masjid in Kasaragod is that it was built in A D 644 (Hijra 22).They brought ten marble stones from Arabia .That were used for the foundation stone of the 10 mosque .The mosque at Kasargode was built in the same way as the Koodangallur mosque. The old documents show that old mosque, which was made of mud and straw,later ( dates back to AD. 1845 (Hijra 1223)stone, and timber are used in the main renovation of the Malik Ibn Dinar mosque.
The little sculptures, vines and leaves that are sculpted in the shiny mosque are painted by the architecture of centuries ago. There are several doorways close to the inner and outside of the church.The wooden doors, windows and pulpits are all valuable signs of old beauty.The Arabic inscription points to the history of the mosque in the main doorway.

The Features

A group from Arabia came to India for the preaching and propagation of Islam .They were also assigned to build the mosques. The group include Saraf Ibn Malik, Malik Ibn Dinar, the son of his brother Malik Ibn Habibu Malik .Kazargode was reclaimed by Majlis Majid on 13 th of the month of the Hijra 22, and Malik ibn Ahmad ibn Malik appointed his son there as a Ghazi.
And in 1223, the old mosque was rebuilt at the expense of the inhabitants of this region .That is the content of the Arabian text in the vicinity .This record is also worthy of Muslim history and also in the history of Malabar Muslims. One of the main features of Kasaragode mosque is that it is still maintained and protected as built by Malik Ibn Dinar and his team.
Hundreds of believers come to pray in the “Maqbara” attached to the mosque and to participate in the rituals every three years here.

The Sacred Prayers

Kasaragod has one of the most famous ‘Maqbara’ (holy grave) in the state .It is believed that the Maqbara is of the first Qasi of the Masjid Malik Ibn Mohammed. The other section claims that Maqbara is of primarily Khazi ‘s father named Muhammed Ibn Malik.According to Tuhfatul Mujahideen of Sheikh Zainuddin, the first historical book in Malayalam, it is said that Malik Ibn Dinar died in Khuraza and that he was buried there itself. It is believed that the prayer in Maqbara helps for solving many problems in life and fulfilling goals.

Celebrates Uroos

Every three years the mosque witnesses a grand Uroos. It is one of the biggest Uroos in the North Malabar.  At Malik Ibn Dinar mosque, a lecture will be held for this by the religious scholars. A lot of believers are expected to participate in the Uroos.

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