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The Dream Island of Kastellorizo

Kastellorizo is a tiny dream island with blue sea and blue caves which is a part of Greece. It attracts a lot of nature lovers and tourists.

The most fascinating element is the blue sky along with the mountains and the limestone. The forest area surrounding the island makes the view more attractive and charm. This greenery are well protected and preserved by the local people.
Margarette, a native woman says: “Are you fond of shopping? Then it is better to go to Turkey. It is located much near a 2 km away from the island. Many tourist boats will take you there.”
The island of Kastellorizo is about 10 width, and the population is of a mere 300. The income generating element is tourism. Few of the population depend on fishing. This island has a number of restaurants that serves the tastiest food in the world. The men and women have very well acquired the art of cooking.
Beeches are absent in Kastellorizo, instead blue water bodies are seen just like that in a dream. We are able to step into the water from some of the restaurants. Tourists are headed to the island mostly during July to December. Old mansions which were built 200 years ago are also seen. Most of them are preserved as heritage sites. The buildings are painted with vibrant colors.

The Main Highlights

The main attractive element of the island is the blue sky. Many tourists from the Europe reach here to enjoy this beautiful view because Europe doesn’t have such a charming sea. Along with this the mountains of the island are shaped like that of caves and are named as blue caves. The tourists enjoy this spectacular view from the boats during day and night.
The Kastellorizo Island is located in the eastern most tip of the Greece. It belongs to the Dodecanese Isles. There is a small port which was the trade route that connected Europe and Asia. Thus the island has also got an historical background. In spite of the absence of agricultural fields, the natives of the island practiced fishing from long years ago onwards.

The History and Culture

In 1991, French film director Gabriel Salvador reached the island. His film “Mediterraneo” has won the Oscar Award and this increased the popularity of the island, attracting more and more tourists every year.
The island has an influence of both the Greek and Turkish culture. The remains of Neolithic age has excavated from this island. When the time passes by, many buildings including churches and mosques were built. The so called Muslim culture was inherited from the Turkish people. The historians have got the evidences for human settlements in this place from the ancient period onwards.
There are more than 250 buildings reflecting the Greek architectural style. Most of them are converted into hotels and lodges. Homestays are also available. These are normal buildings with a minimum luxury. The tourists can enjoy the beauty of blue sea. They reach here to enjoy the evening on the mountains. Asking about the facilities Maregerette told: “A single taxi service is available here. Apart from this there are 2 or 3 private buses and a bus exclusively for the tourists. Enough scooters and bikes are also there.”

Tourism and Shopping

The visitors never complained about these minimum facilities. They were much satisfied in enjoying the views by walking. The main interest is the blue sea journey in boats. The well decorated fishing boats also attracted the tourists. This island is famous for vegetarian foods. The fishes of our preference are served all the time.
Textile materials are readily available in the shops of Turkey. The tourists are taken there by the local boats the watermelon and juices are served in the restaurants. Grape wine has got much demand among the tourists, especially during summer season. For drinking purpose they depend upon the packaged drinking water. Chicken and duck is a common item.
“What is the meaning of the name Kastellorizo?”-A question asked by most of the tourists. Actually it means ‘Red Fortress’. Here most of the buildings looks like a fort.

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