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Salzburg The City of Culture

Salzburg is the city which has gifted the famous musician Mozart for the world. During my Austrian journey, Salzburg was my second destination after Vienna. With a population of one and half lakhs, Salzburg is the fourth largest city in Austria.

Music, Film and Nature

This city is famous for two reasons. The first reason is for the birth place of Mozart. The second one is, for being the setting for the film ‘Sound of Music’ released in the year 1975. This set has been preserved till now. A half day tour named ‘Sound of Music Tour’ is being organized by the city for the tourists to familiarize the film locations.
Along with the gifted beauty, the men’s creativity too made the Salzburg heavenly beautiful place. The tourists are attracted to this place due to certain special elements like the music of Mozart, the long Alps mountains, stunning architectural works, and the busy square. ‘Salzburg’ is taken from the word ‘Salt Fortress’ because the maximum share of salt exportation to Europe was from this country. Exporting the heap of salt made Salzburg richer.

The Main Attractions

The Salzach is the main river that runs through the state of Salzburg separating the city into old and new. In 1996, the old city of Salzburg was credited with UNESCO’s World Heritage status. Most of the mind blowing sceneries are located in this old city. The remarkable landmark among this is the Hohensalzburg fortress.

Located on a 506 meter top hill, this fort was one of the famous fortresses during medieval period and can be seen from every corner of the city. Salzburg was under the rule of Arch Bishops.
The construction of this fortress was begun in the year 1077 and it took many renovations to become the present look.  Fortunately, the local invasion and the provincial attacks continuing for many years weren’t able to destroy the fortress. Either we can walk or else funicular services are available for the weak. The ticket cost is 11 Euro. The view from this fortress is fascinating.
Cathedral church is another attraction in the old town of Salzburg. It was built in 774 by St.Rubert .It was rebuilt in 17th century to this beautiful present model of Baroka. This church is also famous for the baptism of great musician Mozart.
Another highlighting feature is Mirabell palace located on the banks of the Salzach River which was built by arch bishop named Volf Rothino. The intention behind this construction was to lead a peaceful life out of all bustles. Unfortunately in 1960 he was out casted from the palace. The main specialty of this palace is this has a garden of blossomed flower, beautiful pruned meadows, lively statues and water fountains across the garden. This place was the location for song in the movie Sound of Music. Standing there I could remember the entire scenes of the song.
There are amazing views in the old city. Salzburg Cathedral, St. Peter’s convent, Resident water fountain, a golden statue of a man standing upon a globe are few among them. For visiting all these I chose a tour package names ‘Hope on Hope Of’ offered by the site seeing company. The history regarding the city can be heard through the headset provided by them.
The allotted time for the trip was two hours. When the bus halted two offers were given to us by Maregerette grandma, either to move on to the right or to the left. If we choose right you may see old houses and museums and if you go through the left you may see the sky views of stunning world heritage sites. I chose the right and I was able to fill my eyes and camera within two hours before leaving. You can cover the entire Salzburg city within one or one and a half days without any hurry-burry.


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