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Not just in Brazil; Malappuram district also has an Amazon view point; A journey goes through the earth and stone

Malappuram: The Amazon view point, shrouded in morning mist, has now become a tourist’s paradise. This three stone mountain is located in East Chathallur in Edavanna Gram Panchayat of Malappuram District. Later, as the mountain became a hit among tourists, the locals started calling it the Amazon View Point. With this, this Amazon view point in Edavanna has now become a favorite destination for tourists.

Anyway, as seen on social media, no one can climb the mountain. For that, you have to come here one morning ready. After that, you have to walk for two hours through the forest land and private fields and on a dirt and stone path to reach the top of the view point. If you have an off-road jeep, there are some shortcuts to reach this mountain quickly. If you reach the Amazon view point in the morning, there are many sights that will cool the eyes of any traveler.

As the early morning light reaches more, the fog begins to slowly move away from the mountains. At this time, Edavanna Angadi and Chaliyar are seen together. Every traveler climbs the mountain with difficulty to see that natural sight. Every traveler who comes here says that it is a sight that can never be put into words but must be seen with the eyes and kept in the heart. As the picture of the area went viral on social media, locals say that many people, including those from faraway places, are coming here every day.

People mostly come here to see the morning fog. Local residents say that mostly young people climb the mountain and besides this there are people who come to climb the mountain with their families. At the same time, it is also said that this Amazon view point in Edavanna is a landmark among the tourist destinations in Kerala if the tourism project is properly designed and implemented.

At present, one thing that tourists visiting this mountain should pay special attention to is safety. This can lead to major accidents if not taken seriously. Currently, all efforts are underway to include this area in the Panchayat Tourism Scheme. If that happens, East Chathallur village in Edavanna panchayat of Malappuram district will also get a place on the tourism map.

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