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Dubai The Facinating Destination

The city of Dubai does not find a place in the list of destinations that cost people more affordable.


Dolphinarium lies in the vast expanse of the park at the Dubai Creek Park. Auditorium consists of seals and dolphin performing in the background of deep music and children’s applause.

Miracle Garden

Blooming of a flower in the desert is amazing and wonder. It will be a great loss if we return from Dubai without visiting Miracle Garden. This was inaugurated on the Valentine’s Day of 2013. A garden of 450 flowers spread over 18 acres. Embroidery entries, stars, pyramids, and small carriages of the Emirates flight are the main highlights. The Miracle Garden is open to visitors until the month of April. Once the visitor returns and going there once again, another garden will be seen. The flowers of different colors and varieties are put in place so that the visitors do not get bored.

 Burj Khalifa

Nobody will go back without seeing Burj Khalifa in Dubai. But there are fewer people who take the ticket to get inside of it. The 124th floor of the 163-storey building has a visitor balcony. One is a tall pile. Through this, you can see Dubai city’s sky view. Below is the city of Dubai Fount, which is the largest water fountain show in the world. The 125th floor is meant for trading institutions and small games. Visitors can swing there and could enjoy the views through the glasses. This is a different experience for visitors. The visitors are allowed to visit Burj Khalifa from 8 to 3 in the morning and from six in the evening.

Dubai Aquarium

The aquarium is built in a height of mall and is home to many marine animals. The big crowd is gathered to see the small chamber from outside and capture it to the camera. The main attraction is the tunnel through the glass lake, the visit to the underwater world etc. Many exhibition views are waiting for visitors in various floors, ranging from small fishes to giant crocodiles. The facility for children to study about the marine organism is also set by the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. There is also an adventure program that pushes visitors into a pool with sharks and crocodiles.

The Oasis of the Desert

Al Qudra is the place where the biodiversity of Arabian Land lies, which joins the soil and the animals without the buildings and the eye-catching views. It is also the paradise of cycling lunatics.

You can enjoy the natural beauty once you have got a green cover. Al Qudra has 84 km long cycling path and Barbecue centers. We can travel in the car or else rent a bicycle at the Trek bicycle store near Al Qudra.  Round have a bathroom and a dining hall. The Google map is the easiest way to get to Al Qudra.

Mono Rail and Tram

The best way to travel around Dubai is by Metro. The rail service is operated under the Dubai Transportation Department and can travel throughout the route with a single card under the R.T.A. The Metro has 75-km long route.

Desert Safari

Desert safari and camp are the highlights of Dubai travel. After some time, the art programs were running. The floral dance, fire-stuffed animals and the favorite vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes for buffets are ready for the guests who are known for their hands and feel customize it.

Luxurious experiences, historical spells, and the views of sand shores gave me a few months of mystical world of dreams.

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