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The Beautiful Views of Munroe

We are going to see the beautiful views of Munroe. This small island offers a magnificent view of greenery that gives us pleasure and joy.

The Travel

The Munroe inland island is located 15 km away from Kollam in the middle of Ashtamudi and Kallada Lake. The passenger train has stop at the railway station of Munroe. The other trains too used to stop here. Besides the cars and buses inside Munro small boat services are also available. The people from Trivandrum region can reach the island through Kollam- Kundara- Chittumala route. Those from Ernakulam side can reach through Karunagapally- Bharanikkavu- Chittumala route.
There were five small boats waiting for us in the banks of the Kallada River. 8 persons are allowed in a boat. The right time for the journey is 6 a.m. so that we will be able to enjoy the fantastic view of sunrise. We will also be able to return before the hot noon. It usually takes a minimum of three hours for covering the entire island. Evening is quite beautiful with the deep red rays of sun. The payment for one boat is just INR 1000 and it allows 8-10 people. By sharing it costs only INR 100 per person.
The three sides are surrounded by Kallada River. The other side by the Ashtamudi Lake. The island is named after the Diwan of Travancore, Colonal John Munro. This village has a population of about 8000 people consisting 3000 families. The boats were lined up. We started the journey. The joyous sounds of laughs were heard from the neighboring boat. Our co-travellers were very quiet and calm. They were busy in capturing the photographs and videos in their mobile phones. Suddenly a boat which was behind, just passed us and went away.

The Attractions

The Munroe Island consists of eight small inland islands scattered in the fresh water bodies. Hundreds of small tributaries run in between this small pieces of lands. The land has many fruit bearing trees and flowering plants. The tributaries contain abundant fishes including Jelly fish, prawns, pearl spot fishes etc. The another attractions include the view of many beautiful birds, the fishing boats, the coconut trees, the long muddy paths, blossom flowers and the good-hearted people too made Munroe even more beautiful and attractive.
Our boat was the last one. I enjoyed the peace offered by this village with all my heart. The boats turned from the big river to small tiny side streams. It felt like taking the pocket roads after passing the Express Highways. The views became even more beautiful with the decrease in the width of the water way. The traditional sights welcomed us. It was a 5 meter width route. I felt like the views came closer.
The plants and flowers were on both the sides of the route. The water appeared green in colour resembling the greenery of the land. The still surface of water shined like that of mirror. The reflected images of the slanted coconut trees were visible in the water. The boat was forced to float by using the bamboos. The person in the boat also explained the history and significances of the island. The house wives from the nearby houses were busy in doing the homely affairs. The natives of Munroe were seen to be engaged in income generating jobs like that of collecting mussels and shells. Some were moving with agricultural products in boats during early morning.

The Boat Journey

Most of the inland islands are connected by bridges. Some were made out of concrete and the others were of wooden. The mind got filled with the greenery, canal and the beauty of Munroe throughout the journey. The water journeys are much more joyous and interesting.
From the canal, the boats turned into a tiny stream. Now we are able to touch the lands of both the sides. The boatman seems to be an experienced person. From the island by passing under through a bridge we reach Ashtamudi Lake. The boats slowly continued their journey through this prideful lake of Kerala. The place named Peruman is visible far away the bridge. The Ashtamudi River remains as a witness of the train tragedy happened twenty five years ago at Peruman.

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